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The index "Time Period" arranges the content and subject of internet resources chronologically.

  1. 6th - 15th centuries, 500 - 1499 »
  2. 9th century, 800 - 899
  1.  all times (322)
    1.  999 - 1 B.C. (16)
      1.  1th - 5th centuries, 1 - 499 (31)
        1.  6th - 15th centuries, 500 - 1499 (18/389)
          1.  6th - 15th centuries, 500 - 1499, in general (123)
            1.  6th century, 500 - 599 (3)
              1.  7th century, 600 - 699 (4)
                1.  8th century, 700 - 799 (5)
                  1.  9th century, 800 - 899 (14)
                    1.  10th century, 900 - 999 (18)
                      1.  11th century, 1000 - 1099 (28)
                        1.  12th century, 1100 - 1199 (46)
                          1.  13th century, 1200 - 1299 (70)
                            1.  14th century, 1300 - 1399 (115)
                              1.  15th century, 1400 - 1499 (217)
                              2.  16th - 19th centuries, 1500 - 1899 (42/1007)
                                1.  20th century, 1900 - 1999 (91/1374)
                                  1.  21th century, 2000 - (355/1687)
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                                    1. Arte Románico de Navarra, publisher : Ortega , A., abstract: The website offers an image database with focus on Romanesque architecture in Navarre, Spain.
                                    2. Basel, Kunstmuseum Basel / Bibliothek, publisher : Kunstmuseum <Basel>, abstract: The library of the Kunsthalle Basel in Switzerland is simultaneously the library of the Faculty for History of Art from the University of Basel. The literature covers a time span from 9th century until today. It is specialized on the history of paintings and sculptures, modern art and on German art and works from the Oberreihn region from the 15th and 16th century. The collection can be searched through an online-catalogue.
                                    3. Biblioteca Nationala a Romaniei / Codex Aureus, publisher : Biblioteca Naţională a României <Bucureşti>, abstract: The Lorscher Evangeliar, or so called Codex Aureus, from the school of Charles the Great, which is dated around 810, is today kept in two parts. 1st part is held in the Biblioteca Documentara Batthyaneum in Alba Iulia, Rumania, which is part of the Rumanian National Library (MS II.1) and the 2nd part is kept in Rome in the Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana (Pal. Lat. 50).The first part of the Codex Aureus has now been digitalized and recorded in detail by the Rumanian National Library. Today the complete text can be searched online and images enlarged.
                                    4. Die Handschriften des Klosters Weissenburg: Blick in eine Bibliothek des frühen und hohen Mittelalters, publisher : Herzog August Bibliothek Wolfenbüttel, abstract: The online-exhibition "Die Handschriften des Klosters Weissenburg" presents a selection of western illuminated manuscripts of the Herzog August Bibliothek Wolfenbuettel, especially medieval manuscripts from the cloister Wissembourg (Alsace). The digitalised exhibits are presented with descriptions.
                                    5. Digital Image Archive of Medieval Music, publisher : University <Oxford>; Royal Holloway University of London, abstract: This website is a portal to worldwide collections of medieval polyphonic music manuscripts (the resource does not include plainchant). The music and the manuscripts date from approx 800 to 1500, and the original documents are kept in libraries and archives around the globe. This website includes detailed information for all the known sources of European polyphonic music (which is almost entirely vocal) and high-quality colour images for those which we have been given permission to deliver online by their owners. On the website you can register as a user online instantly (for free) and view the full-size images through the image-viewer.
                                    6. HAB: Digitalisierte Handschriften, Sondersammlungen, publisher : Herzog-August-Bibliothek <Wolfenbüttel>, abstract: In the Wolfenbüttel Digital Library the Herzog August Bibliothek presents in digital facsimile selected items from its collections which are rare, outstanding, frequently used, or currently most relevant for research. The books can be searched by titles.
                                    7. Lund, University Library: St. Laurentius digital manuscript library, creator : Nylander, Eva, publisher : Lunds Universitetsbibliotek, abstract: The Manuscript Department of the University Library, Lund, in collaboration with Lund University Libraries, Head Office, is digitizing and making accessible on line its collection of medieval manuscripts. The manuscripts can be searched and browsed. The tumbnails can be zoomed to images of high quality.
                                    8. MAK-Sammlung Online, publisher : Österreichisches Museum für Angewandte Kunst <Wien>, abstract: The MAK   Austrian Museum of Applied Arts / Contemporary Art provides access to parts of its collection via this website. Japanese woodblock prints (Ukiyo-e), east-asian art, late-antique textiles, posters, ornamental prints, drawings of the Wiener Werkstätte, Joseph Binder's graphic design and artist's books can be searched.
                                    9. Manuscrits produits par le scriptorium de la Cathedrale Sainte-Cecile, publisher : Médiathèque Pierre Amalric <Albi>, abstract: The Médiathèque Pierre Amalric in Albi provides access on historical and precious collections in digitised form (manuscripts, incunabula, prints etc.). Besides this further information about the books are provided. The thumbnails can be zoomed.
                                    10. Numismatische Bilddatenbank Eichstätt, creator : Malitz, Jürgen, publisher : Universität <Eichstätt> / Lehrstuhl für alte Geschichte, abstract: The numismatic image database contains ca. 3.800 medals and coins from 650 B.C. - 900. The quality of the reproductions is high.
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