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The index "Resourcetype" is subdivided into two major groups: "Publishing Institutions" organizes the internet resources according to the different kinds of institutions responsible for publishing the websites; whereas "type of information" arranges the internet resources into different categories regarding formal criteria (e.g. database, online-exhibitions, and digitized literature).

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                                      1. abrauchen.de the film database, publisher : kurura GbR, abstract: In the film database abrauchen.de can be researched movie title, original title, alternate title, directors, actors, producers, screenwriters, musicians, movie content, additional information and reviews. A simple search is available. Registered users can add content.
                                      2. Alvin Lustig, title alternative : Modern American Design Pioneer, publisher : Kind Company, abstract: With more than 425 design examples is this online archive an unique research and educational tool to the life and work of a modern American design pioneer.
                                      3. Amsterdam, Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam / Archieven, publisher : Rijksmuseum Vincent van Gogh <Amsterdam>, abstract: The Archive of the Van Gogh Museums in Amsterdam includes the following archives: Edward Buckman Archiv, Artemis Karagheusian Archive, Huinck & Scherjon Art Dealers' Archive, A.M. Hammacher Archive, Jan Hulsker Archive, M. de Sablonière (pseudonym of M.C. Bicker Caarten-Sigter) Archive and the M.E. Tralbaut Archive. The website provides a brief summary of every archive.
                                      4. A New Deal for the Arts, publisher : Washington <DC> / National Archives and Records Service of the United States, abstract: The New Deal arts projects provided work for jobless artists, but they also had a larger mission: to promote American art and culture. The exhibition describes and displays the work of the New Deal arts projects and discusses themes common to this government-sponsored art. The online exhibit is adapted from "A New Deal for the Arts," an exhibit that was on display in 1998, in the National Archives (Washington, DC). Thumbnails can be zoomed.
                                      5. Antwerp, Koninklijk Museum voor Schone Kunsten / Bibliotheek & Archief, publisher : Koninklijk Museum voor Schone Kunsten <Anvers>, abstract: The website provides information on the Library, Archive and Documentation Department of the Koninklijk Museum voor Schone Kunsten in Anvers. The library collection focuses on the following areas: History of Art, European paintings, drawings and sculptures from 13th century until today, iconography and iconology, as well as cultural history, restoration and conservation, etc. The Archive documents the Museum's history and holds material on the foundation Artibus Patriae (1864-1949), the Fonds François Franck (1934-1948) and on the authors Max Rooses (1839-1914) and Henri Hymans (1836-1912), etc.
                                      6. Archiv Ostschweizer Kunstschaffen, publisher : IG Archiv Ostschweizer Kunstschaffen, abstract: The archive presents more than 300 artists and architects based in Eastern Switzerland, i.e. Appenzell Ausserrhoden, Appenzell Innerrhoden, St. Gallen, Thurgau and the Principality of Liechtenstein. It contains biographies, exhibitions details, bibliographies and presents selected works.
                                      7. Artists' Papers Register, title alternative : APR, creator : Tomkins, David; Bourne, Robin, publisher : Victoria and Albert Museum <London>, abstract: register of manuscripts and archival material related to artists, designers and craftspeople in collections in the UK; all nations and periods; search by artist name, location of repository; record displays short description and holding institution
                                      8. Artothek.de, title alternative : Spezialarchiv für Gemäldefotografie, publisher : Artothek.de, abstract: extensive commercial database with images (Ektachromes) of paintings from numerous museums worldwide; search by painter, location, motive
                                      9. Arts on Film Archive, title alternative : University of Westminster, publisher : Arts on Film Archive, abstract: online database and digital archive of Arts; documentary films from 1953 to 1998; focus on individual artists, architects, Surrealism, Dadaism, Futurism, Kinetic art; full details are provided about each film
                                      10. bauhaus-archiv museum für gestaltung, creator : Bongartz, Veronika, publisher : Bauhaus-Archiv Berlin, abstract: This website contains information on the history of the "Bauhaus", its artists, workshops and products, as well as on the archive collection. The library can be searched, however only in German.
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