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The index "Resourcetype" is subdivided into two major groups: "Publishing Institutions" organizes the internet resources according to the different kinds of institutions responsible for publishing the websites; whereas "type of information" arranges the internet resources into different categories regarding formal criteria (e.g. database, online-exhibitions, and digitized literature).

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  1.  Publishing Institutions (0/4014)
    1.  Type of Information (0/3193)
      1.  Encyclopedia (5/57)
        1.  Library Catalogue, Reference Database (231)
          1.  Fact Database (121)
            1.  Full-Text Database (155)
              1.  Image Database (71/572)
                1.  Digitized Literature (93)
                  1.  Subject Gateway, Topical Site (65/1114)
                    1.  Link List, Directory (38/161)
                      1.  Search Engine (23)
                        1.  Online Exhibition (55/414)
                          1.  Virtual Exhibition, Virtual Tour (25)
                            1.  Periodical, Newspaper (19/39)
                              1.  Periodical, Newspaper with Abstracts (1)
                                1.  Periodical, Newspaper, with Full-Text (6)
                                  1.  Periodical, Newspaper with Full-Text, free (9)
                                    1.  Periodical, Newspaper, without fulltext (6)
                                    2.  Communication Forum, Discussion Group, Newsletter, Mailing List (96)
                                      1.  Thesis, Dissertation (4)
                                        1.  Archive Material (186)
                                          1.  Reference Book, Article (45)
                                            1.  Review (40)
                                              1.  Contribution to Conference Proceedings, Working Paper, Preprint, Research Report (24)
                                                1.  E-Learning (64)
                                                  1.  Instruction, Manual (10)
                                                    1.  Official Publication, Government Report, Law Collection, Legal Provision (21)
                                                      1.  Multimedia Material (49/420)
                                                        1.  Event (76/602)
                                                          1.  Address Directory (74)
                                                            1.  Software (2)
                                                              1.  Norms and Standards (2)
                                                                1.  Data Collection, Statistics (5)
                                                                  1.  Other Types of Information (180)
                                                                    1.  Weblog (135)
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                                                                    1. Drawing society of canada, creator : Verstraete, Gerri; Leclerc, Peter, abstract: Contemporary drawers with Canadian background. Gerrit Verstraete and Peter Leclerc have created the Drawing Society of Canada, which compiles a list of Canadian artists. Newsletter, online galleries and an online painting course.
                                                                    2. espoarte, creator : espoarte, abstract: Espoarte is an Italian, contemporary art magazine. Sections of the website are an archive, newsletter, an events calendar and an artist archive.
                                                                    3. Festival du nouveau cinéma, publisher : Nicolas Girard, Deltruc; Chamberlan, Claude, abstract: Canadian Film and Media Festival. The "Festival du nouveau cinéma" was founded in 1971 and presents new positions of film and media arts. In addition to photos and videos on the site, can be also found information about participants, awards and a calendar of events.
                                                                    4. FIAC, title alternative : Foire internationale d art contemporain, publisher : Flay, Jennifer; FIAC, abstract: The Foire International d'Art Contemporain is the most important French contemporary art fair, held annually in autumn in Paris. The fair was founded in 1974 and attracted 2009 over 80,000 visitors. The site offers a calendar of events in addition to a list of participating galleries. The artists of the galleries are presented on the page with pictures of their works as well as biographical data.
                                                                    5. filmarchives online, abstract: filmarchives online provides access to moving image collections of currently five European film archives for cultural and commercial purposes. Partner archives and institutions of filmarchives online include the Deutsche Filminstitut - DIF e.V., the British Film Institute (BFI), the Cineteca del Comune di Bologna, the DEFA-Foundation and Národní Filmový Archiv Prague (NFA). By now, approx. 5.000 film works   mainly non-fiction material   are searchable in four different languages, and the database is constantly growing.
                                                                    6. filmlink.de, publisher : Beck, Stefan, abstract: Filmlink.de is a comprehensive database and search engine for audio-visual media. Focus is on German and free films. The page is linked to other databases, books, libraries and encyclopedias to the topic.
                                                                    7. Forschungsdatenbank zur Baukultur, publisher : Technische Universität <Darmstadt> / Fachbereich Architektur, abstract: The research database for building culture in Germany is part of the research project "Stadt im Werkbund" (the city at the work federation) funded by the German Research Foundation and developed at the department of history and theory of architecture at the Technical University of Darmstadt. Founded in 1907, the Deutsche Werkbund develops new concepts, processes and strategies in architecture and urban planning till today. The research database provides information on activities and events of the Werkbund and offers a chronology of Werkbund history. In addition, it contains numerous biographies of Werkbund members.
                                                                    8. Giove - The Giustiniani collection in a virtual environment, abstract: The project GIOVE provides an online database for the Giustiniani Collection, which documents objects, people, events and historical documents. Aim of the project is a reconstruction of the Giustiniani Collection, which is widely spread across Europe. GIOVE s project partners are museum and art history Institutes in Rome, Vienna, Berlin and Potsdam. The website provides information on present exhibitions, on materials (such as publication, losses, etc.), as well as on places holding parts of the collection and events. GIOVE is supported by the Raphael-Programme of the European Commission.
                                                                    9. Goethe-Institut Film Guide, publisher : Goethe-Institut, abstract: The Goethe-Institut Film Guide provides an overview of internet sites related to archives, education, festivals, literature, associations, periodicals and addresses.
                                                                    10. Graven op Internet / Tombs on the Internet, publisher : Stichting de Oude Kerk te Amsterdam, abstract: The website invites visitors to search the database of tombs situated in Amsterdam's Old Church. The database contains the names of Amsterdam citizens who at one time or other were laid to rest inside the Old Church.
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