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The index "Resourcetype" is subdivided into two major groups: "Publishing Institutions" organizes the internet resources according to the different kinds of institutions responsible for publishing the websites; whereas "type of information" arranges the internet resources into different categories regarding formal criteria (e.g. database, online-exhibitions, and digitized literature).

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  1.  Publishing Institutions (0/4209)
    1.  Type of Information (0/3364)
      1.  Encyclopedia (5/59)
        1.  Library Catalogue, Reference Database (248)
          1.  Fact Database (135)
            1.  Full-Text Database (157)
              1.  Image Database (71/620)
                1.  Digitized Literature (95)
                  1.  Subject Gateway, Topical Site (65/1179)
                    1.  Link List, Directory (38/171)
                      1.  Search Engine (23)
                        1.  Online Exhibition (55/426)
                          1.  Virtual Exhibition, Virtual Tour (25)
                            1.  Periodical, Newspaper (19/39)
                              1.  Periodical, Newspaper with Abstracts (1)
                                1.  Periodical, Newspaper, with Full-Text (6)
                                  1.  Periodical, Newspaper with Full-Text, free (9)
                                    1.  Periodical, Newspaper, without fulltext (6)
                                    2.  Communication Forum, Discussion Group, Newsletter, Mailing List (96)
                                      1.  Thesis, Dissertation (4)
                                        1.  Archive Material (189)
                                          1.  Reference Book, Article (45)
                                            1.  Review (40)
                                              1.  Contribution to Conference Proceedings, Working Paper, Preprint, Research Report (26)
                                                1.  E-Learning (66)
                                                  1.  Instruction, Manual (10)
                                                    1.  Official Publication, Government Report, Law Collection, Legal Provision (28)
                                                      1.  Multimedia Material (49/423)
                                                        1.  Event (76/605)
                                                          1.  Address Directory (76)
                                                            1.  Software (2)
                                                              1.  Norms and Standards (3)
                                                                1.  Data Collection, Statistics (5)
                                                                  1.  Other Types of Information (180)
                                                                    1.  Weblog (135)
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                                                                    1. Design Museum London, publisher : Design Museum, abstract: The website provides information about the current exhibitions at the museum, the collection, workshops and other events.
                                                                    2. Dexigner, creator : Ozler, Levent; Topcuoglu, Senay; Sizyek, Gulsen, abstract: online portal/design resource guide/directory; with a database of designs, designers and design companies; news about product design, graphic design, fashion design, architecture, digital art, contemporary visual arts; list of design events and competitions
                                                                    3. Dictionnaire critique des historiens de l'art actifs en France de la Révolution à la Première Guerre mondiale, publisher : Institut National d'Histoire de l'Art <Paris>, abstract: The database of the Institut National d'Histoire de l'Art provides a selection of representative art historians working in France during the Revolution and the First World War. The database holds around 400 entries. It can be searched alphabetically for art historians or alphabetically for the authors of single entries. The database gives information on the profession of the art historian, sets him into an art historical context, and provides a list of literature on and about him, and finally names sources and archive material concerning the art historian.
                                                                    4. digiCULT, publisher : Gemeinsamer Bibliotheksverbund <Göttingen>, abstract: The website GBV-digiCULT is a database with digital cultural artifacts. It holds numerous data of digital objects from museums of the Museumsportal Nord of Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg as well as from the Virtuelles Antikenmuseum Viamus of the Archaeological Institute, University of Göttingen. The proof of single objects is linked to its home portal. New cultural assets are continuously being added to the database.
                                                                    5. Digital Souls, publisher : DIGITALSOULS.COM, abstract: Website for media art, performance, installation art and philosophy and culture. Registered users can publish articles, essays or advertise for new exhibits and festivals on the site.
                                                                    6. DOMO - Deutsche Organisation für Mosaikkunst e.V., publisher : Denker, Thomas, abstract: The German Organisation for Mosaic Art (DOMO e.V.) was founded in 2008 in Wiesbaden. The aim of DOMO is the preservation, promotion and dissemination of mosaic art. The site contains a gallery of member art works, information about exhibitions, workshops and links to related sites.
                                                                    7. DOMUS, publisher : Domus SpA, abstract: Web presentation of the Italian DOMUS Design / Architecture magazine. In addition to announcements for exhibitions or other cultural events, the website offers many free articles and multimedia material for design, architecture and art
                                                                    8. Drawing society of canada, creator : Verstraete, Gerri; Leclerc, Peter, abstract: Contemporary drawers with Canadian background. Gerrit Verstraete and Peter Leclerc have created the Drawing Society of Canada, which compiles a list of Canadian artists. Newsletter, online galleries and an online painting course.
                                                                    9. espoarte, creator : espoarte, abstract: Espoarte is an Italian, contemporary art magazine. Sections of the website are an archive, newsletter, an events calendar and an artist archive.
                                                                    10. Festival du nouveau cinéma, publisher : Nicolas Girard, Deltruc; Chamberlan, Claude, abstract: Canadian Film and Media Festival. The "Festival du nouveau cinéma" was founded in 1971 and presents new positions of film and media arts. In addition to photos and videos on the site, can be also found information about participants, awards and a calendar of events.
                                                                     result page:  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 ... 14

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