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The index "Resourcetype" is subdivided into two major groups: "Publishing Institutions" organizes the internet resources according to the different kinds of institutions responsible for publishing the websites; whereas "type of information" arranges the internet resources into different categories regarding formal criteria (e.g. database, online-exhibitions, and digitized literature).

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  3. Multimedia Material: Painting, Drawing, Graphics
  1.  Publishing Institutions (0/4139)
    1.  Type of Information (0/3301)
      1.  Encyclopedia (5/58)
        1.  Library Catalogue, Reference Database (245)
          1.  Fact Database (129)
            1.  Full-Text Database (157)
              1.  Image Database (71/606)
                1.  Digitized Literature (93)
                  1.  Subject Gateway, Topical Site (65/1147)
                    1.  Link List, Directory (38/167)
                      1.  Search Engine (23)
                        1.  Online Exhibition (55/423)
                          1.  Virtual Exhibition, Virtual Tour (25)
                            1.  Periodical, Newspaper (19/39)
                              1.  Periodical, Newspaper with Abstracts (1)
                                1.  Periodical, Newspaper, with Full-Text (6)
                                  1.  Periodical, Newspaper with Full-Text, free (9)
                                    1.  Periodical, Newspaper, without fulltext (6)
                                    2.  Communication Forum, Discussion Group, Newsletter, Mailing List (96)
                                      1.  Thesis, Dissertation (4)
                                        1.  Archive Material (188)
                                          1.  Reference Book, Article (45)
                                            1.  Review (40)
                                              1.  Contribution to Conference Proceedings, Working Paper, Preprint, Research Report (25)
                                                1.  E-Learning (66)
                                                  1.  Instruction, Manual (10)
                                                    1.  Official Publication, Government Report, Law Collection, Legal Provision (22)
                                                      1.  Multimedia Material (49/423)
                                                        1.  Multimedia Material, in general (52)
                                                          1.  Multimedia Material: Painting, Drawing, Graphics (88)
                                                            1.  Multimedia Material: Photography (116)
                                                              1.  Multimedia Material: Sculpture, Objects (33)
                                                                1.  Multimedia Material: Art on the Net, Computer Animation, Virtual Reality (50)
                                                                  1.  Multimedia Material: Film (17)
                                                                    1.  Multimedia Material: Music and Sound (52)
                                                                    2.  Event (76/605)
                                                                      1.  Address Directory (76)
                                                                        1.  Software (2)
                                                                          1.  Norms and Standards (3)
                                                                            1.  Data Collection, Statistics (5)
                                                                              1.  Other Types of Information (180)
                                                                                1.  Weblog (135)
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                                                                                1. 100 beste Plakate des Jahres, publisher : 100 Beste Plakate e. V., abstract: graphic design competition in Germany, Austria and Switzerland; informations about competition, association and exhibitions; online gallery with the 100 best posters of the year (archive from 2001 to 2007)
                                                                                2. @149st, title alternative : New York City Cyber Bench, publisher : @149st, abstract: New York: movement for the preservation of the grafittis in New York City's subways; history, artists, images; extensive artists directory with images; graffiti glossary
                                                                                3. 80 Optical Illusions & Visual Phenomena, creator : Michael Bach, abstract: private website which deals with optical illusions; collection of 80 examples in various categories (e.g. Motion & Time, Luminance & Contrast, Color, Geometric- & Angle Illusions, etc.)
                                                                                4. AHDS Visual Arts, publisher : AHDS Visual Arts; Surrey Institute of Art & Design <Farnham>, abstract: AHDS Visual Arts is based at The Surrey Institute of Art & Design, University College. It is one of five Subject Centres of the Arts and Humanities Data Service (AHDS). Its mission is to support research, learning and teaching, by providing visual arts digital resources through robust systems for Internet access and long term preservation. It collections form a body of digital materials covering all subject areas of the visual arts, from textiles to architecture, including their practise, study and curation. Resources include: image databases from the Imperial War Museum, London College of Fashion, National Arts Education Archive and The Design Council Archive.
                                                                                5. Akademie der Künste, creator : Akademie der Künste <Berlin>, publisher : Akademie der Künste <Berlin>, abstract: most important interdisciplinary archive of art of the 20th century in Germany; includes an art collection, focussed on GDR, and many artist bequests; all comprehensive information is listed by artist name
                                                                                6. AMICO, title alternative : Art Museum Image Consortium, creator : Trant, Jennifer; Bearman, David, publisher : Art Museum Image Consortium, abstract: online collection of works of art from around the world (images, text and multimedia), all periods; free search in thumbnail catalogue; full record view only for subscribers (institutions!)
                                                                                7. Armenian Artists, publisher : Yerevan Academy of Fine Arts, abstract: biographies and art works of armenian artists
                                                                                8. ArtChina, title alternative : Contemporary Gallery and Art-Store, publisher : ArtChina, abstract: gallery for contemporary Chinese art in Hamburg; information about current, past and future exhibitions; directory of exhibiting artists (sorted alphabetically) with online galleries and biographical information, online shop with art books and accesoires related to the subject
                                                                                9. Art Crimes, title alternative : The Writing on the Wall, creator : Farrell, Susan; Webb, Brett, publisher : Farrell, Susan; Webb, Brett, abstract: this extensive site is devoted to graffiti art world wide; includes lots of images (geographically listed), information on shows and events, articles, interviews, links to magazines and other resources
                                                                                10. Art Experts Inc., title alternative : fine art research, publisher : Art Experts, Inc., abstract: website (commercial) about forgery; informations about scientific methods of analysing paintings (e.g. infrared-photography, microphotography, x-ray analysis, etc.); extensive artist directory with informations about their creative work
                                                                                 result page:  1 2 3 4 5 ... 9

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