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The index "Resourcetype" is subdivided into two major groups: "Publishing Institutions" organizes the internet resources according to the different kinds of institutions responsible for publishing the websites; whereas "type of information" arranges the internet resources into different categories regarding formal criteria (e.g. database, online-exhibitions, and digitized literature).

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  1.  Publishing Institutions (0/4456)
    1.  Type of Information (0/3595)
      1.  Encyclopedia (5/62)
        1.  Library Catalogue, Reference Database (254)
          1.  Fact Database (144)
            1.  Full-Text Database (170)
              1.  Image Database (70/661)
                1.  Image Database: Arts in general (89)
                  1.  Image Database: Architecture (52)
                    1.  Image Database: Sculpture (13)
                      1.  Image Database: Painting, Drawing, Printmaking (124)
                        1.  Image Database: Decorative Arts (21)
                          1.  Image Database: Photography, Film (62)
                            1.  Image Database: New Media (20)
                              1.  Image Database: Arts - Artists (25)
                                1.  Image Database: Arts - Areas (geographical) (49)
                                  1.  Image Database: Arts - Styles, Epochs, Time Periods (12)
                                    1.  Image Database: Collections of Museums (165)
                                      1.  Image Database: Collections of Archives and Libraries (134)
                                        1.  Image Database: Collections of Others (12)
                                        2.  Digitized Literature (102)
                                          1.  Subject Gateway, Topical Site (65/1253)
                                            1.  Link List, Directory (38/193)
                                              1.  Search Engine (23)
                                                1.  Online Exhibition (55/443)
                                                  1.  Virtual Exhibition, Virtual Tour (50)
                                                    1.  Periodical, Newspaper (19/39)
                                                      1.  Communication Forum, Discussion Group, Newsletter, Mailing List (98)
                                                        1.  Thesis, Dissertation (4)
                                                          1.  Archive Material (193)
                                                            1.  Reference Book, Article (45)
                                                              1.  Review (41)
                                                                1.  Contribution to Conference Proceedings, Working Paper, Preprint, Research Report (28)
                                                                  1.  E-Learning (71)
                                                                    1.  Instruction, Manual (10)
                                                                      1.  Official Publication, Government Report, Law Collection, Legal Provision (28)
                                                                        1.  Multimedia Material (49/431)
                                                                          1.  Multimedia Material, in general (54)
                                                                            1.  Multimedia Material: Painting, Drawing, Graphics (89)
                                                                              1.  Multimedia Material: Photography (116)
                                                                                1.  Multimedia Material: Sculpture, Objects (34)
                                                                                  1.  Multimedia Material: Art on the Net, Computer Animation, Virtual Reality (51)
                                                                                    1.  Multimedia Material: Film (20)
                                                                                      1.  Multimedia Material: Music and Sound (52)
                                                                                      2.  Event (83/701)
                                                                                        1.  Exhibition (413)
                                                                                          1.  Conference, Meeting (43)
                                                                                            1.  Competition, Award, Prize, Promotion (137)
                                                                                              1.  Art Trade (Fair, Auction) (87)
                                                                                                1.  Further Education, Workshop (54)
                                                                                                2.  Address Directory (100)
                                                                                                  1.  Software (2)
                                                                                                    1.  Norms and Standards (7)
                                                                                                      1.  Data Collection, Statistics (5)
                                                                                                        1.  Other Types of Information (181)
                                                                                                          1.  Weblog (144)
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                                                                                                          1. Einbanddatenbank (EBDB), publisher : Staatsbibliothek <Berlin>; Württembergische Landesbibliothek <Stuttgart>; Herzog-August-Bibliothek <Wolfenbüttel>; Bayerische Staatsbibliothek <München>, abstract: The image- and factdatabase contains the digitised stamps of book covers of the 15th and 16th century of the collections of the libraries in Berlin, Stuttgart, Wolfenbüttel and Munich. The digitised images are described: form, size, sujet, supralibros etc. Beside the simple and advanced search the stamps can be found via a thesaurus of sujets.
                                                                                                          2. Images of Historical Earthquakes, title alternative : The Jan T. Kozak Collection, publisher : James, Charles D.; University of California / Berkeley <Calif.>, abstract: The Earthquake Engineering Online Archive is a database of significant, publicly-funded research and development literature, photographs, data and software in earthquake, structural, and geotechnical engineering. Registered users of the Archive are authorized to use these resources. The images are accessible from a chronological list of earthquakes, by searching individual slide numbers from the page, or by searching The Earthquake Engineering Online Archive.
                                                                                                          3. logolounge.com, publisher : LogoLounge, abstract: website about logo design; up-to-date news from the logo design scene; annual analysis of logo trends; presentation of logo works done by members; annual fee for full membership is 100$ (grants access to logo database with about 10.000 logos)
                                                                                                          4. Medien Kunst Archiv Wien, : Suess, Rosa von; Fischer, Judith; Raab, Thomas; Grzonka, Patricia, publisher : Scheffknecht, Romana, abstract: The archive is based on works that are in the collection of the Art Section of the Federal Government, and in the collections of the Basis Wien and the Depot. Systematic research possibilities in texts, pictures, and contexts show the variety of thematic and formal studies that the media artists of the last 30 years have undertaken.
                                                                                                          5. Medien Kunst Netz, publisher : Frieling, Rudolf; Daniels, Dieter, abstract: Introducing the range of topics related to media and art, "Media Art Net" thus aims at establishing an Internet structure that offers qualified content by granting free access at the same time. A combination of diverse representational modes offers a condensed presented multimedia focus for the interested 'surfer,' as well as information for users specifically involved in research.
                                                                                                          6. Middeleeuwse koorbanken en misericorden, publisher : Centrum voor Kunsthistorische Documentatie <Nijmegen>; Radboud Universiteit <Nijmegen>, abstract: The website offers a image data base whith medial choirs, mainly from the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany. In the database, every choir is complemented with the relevant scholarly literature. Furthermore, every object is provided with an iconographical description and iconclass codes
                                                                                                          7. Musik nach Bildern - Datenbank, publisher : Fink, Monika; Christensen, Lukas; Universität <Innsbruck>, abstract: The Institute of Music Studies at the University of Innsbruck offers a data base which focuses on the interrelation between music and visual arts. It provides background information about compositions, composers, artists, works of art and instruments.
                                                                                                          8. Roman Provincial Coinage Online, : Heuchert, Volker; Howgego, Christopher, publisher : University <Oxford>; Arts & Humanities Research Council, abstract: This website aims to make accessible the ten most important collections of provincial coinage of the Roman Empire in an online database. The main intention of the project is to produce a standard typology of the provincial coinage of the Roman Empire in the period AD 138-192. The project considers the ten most important and accessible collections in the world, and on all published material. The project represents the first systematic treatment of the civic coinage at the height of the Roman empire.
                                                                                                          9. The Visual Dictionary, : Knight , Matthew, abstract: The Visual Dictionary; project to collect lots of photographs of words, signage, advertising, graffiti, packaging, menus, written in the sky, tatoos, ...; twitter
                                                                                                          10. Type Index, : Chifflot, Guillaume-Ulrich, abstract: The website by the typographer and copywriter Guillaume-Ulrich Chifflot offers the International Type Index (ITI), a database of fonts of different foundries. The site contains also a type handbook with tutorials for creating type, history of fonts, anatomy of a letterform etc.
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