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The index "Subject" organizes the websites into different categories regarding their art historically relevant content.

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  1.  Aesthetics, Art History (7/816)
    1.  Museology (63)
      1.  Art Collection, Art Museum (659)
        1.  Art Trade (177)
          1.  Patronage (296)
            1.  Conservation, Forgery (58)
              1.  Historic Conservation (59)
                1.  Cultural Heritage Protection (58)
                  1.  Iconography (1/60)
                    1.  Artists, Architects (83/780)
                      1.  Non-European Art (4/282)
                        1.  Antiquity (1/39)
                          1.  European Art (15/1237)
                            1.  Visual Arts, in general (578)
                              1.  Architecture (38/334)
                                1.  Sculpture (60/145)
                                  1.  Painting (76/421)
                                    1.  Drawing (71/159)
                                      1.  Printmaking (67/461)
                                        1.  Photography (133/296)
                                          1.  Photography, in general (158)
                                            1.  Photography: Techniques and Material (16)
                                              1.  History of Photography (8)
                                              2.  Film (59/83)
                                                1.  New Media (129/270)
                                                  1.  Decorative Arts (44/417)
                                                    1.  Decorative Arts, in general (118)
                                                      1.  Industrial Design (140)
                                                        1.  Applied Decoration (3)
                                                          1.  Costume (47)
                                                            1.  Textile Arts (37)
                                                              1.  Woodwork, Furniture (10)
                                                                1.  Ceramic (38)
                                                                  1.  Art Glass (14)
                                                                    1.  Art Metalwork (7)
                                                                      1.  Calligraphy (47)
                                                                        1.  Medals, Coins, Seals (8)
                                                                          1.  Enamel (1)
                                                                            1.  Clocks, Machines (4)
                                                                              1.  Other Decorative Arts (10)
                                                                              2.  Other Disciplines (32/92)
                                                                                1.  Others (11)
                                                                                  1.  Thematic portals (86/288)
                                                                                    1.  Thematic Portal Cultural flows Asia - Europe (50)
                                                                                      1.  Thematic Portal Photography (10/165)
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                                                                                      1. Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild, publisher : Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild; McIntyre, Mary, abstract: Side of the Canadian Bookbinders Guild, with information about courses, exhibitions and publications. Furthermore the site contains a online gallery of art books and a large collection of links to subjects such as bookbinding, calligraphy, paper making, conservation, printing, book arts, exhibitions and collections.
                                                                                      2. DOMUS, publisher : Domus SpA, abstract: Web presentation of the Italian DOMUS Design / Architecture magazine. In addition to announcements for exhibitions or other cultural events, the website offers many free articles and multimedia material for design, architecture and art
                                                                                      3. EDL Eesti Disainerite Liit, title alternative : EDL Estonian Association of Design, publisher : Eesti Disainerite Liit MTÜ, abstract: estonian designers; over 100 specialists for all kinds of design; portfolio of designers with case history; information about Design Night, competitions, exhibitions; archive
                                                                                      4. Kent, The Kent State University Museum, publisher : Kent State University <Kent, Ohio> / Museum, abstract: Homepage of the Kent State University Museum, which contains important collections of costume and decorative arts. The Museum holds one of the most comprehensive teaching collections of fashionable design from the 18th century to the present. There are links to features of past and current exhibitions as well as a Dictionary of Fashion available.
                                                                                      5. kunera, publisher : Centrum voor Kunsthistorische Documentatie <Nijmegen>; Radboud Universiteit <Nijmegen>, abstract: Kunera is a Dutch saint and a database of badges and ampullae. It focuses on the metal badges and ampullae, mainly of pewter, that were produced in Europe and the Near East from the twelfth century onwards, peaking in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries. In the database, every badge is complemented with the relevant scholarly literature. Furthermore, every object is provided with an iconographical description and iconclass codes, allowing the visitor to search for elements within each depiction.
                                                                                      6. Lyon, Musée Gadagne, publisher : Musée Historique <Lyon>, abstract: The collection of the Musée Gadagne in Lyon focuses the histrory of the town and marionettes from all over the world. The website informs about events, collection and exhibitions. Selected pieces from the collection are short described (thumbnails can be zoomed).
                                                                                      7. Medieval Badges Foundation, publisher : Medieval Badges Foundation <Langbroek>, abstract: The religious and profane Medieval Badges Foundation is a non-profit organisation. Its purpose is to effect a breakthrough where unfamiliarity with the phenomenon  badges  is concerned, and to safeguard continuity of research into the subject. The website informs about the foundation, publications and events. Selected pieces are short described.
                                                                                      8. Rouen, Musée Jeanne d'Arc, publisher : Musée Jeanne d'Arc <Rouen>, abstract: The private Musée Jeanne d'Arc shows in its rooms the life of Joan of Arc in the waxwork gallery. The website offers information about her life and her time. Besides this it quotes the trial of condemnation.
                                                                                      9. The Art of the Album Cover, publisher : William F. Eisner Museum of Advertising and Design, abstract: history of record covers (from 1939 to the seventies) ; audio samples, images of covers
                                                                                      10. The Society of Bookbinders, publisher : The Society of Bookbinders; Lanning, David, abstract: British Society of Bookbinders, with information about regional groups, contact details for bookbinders, events and publications. Furthermore the site includes a online gallery of contemporary book arts, a collection of links and a online shop.
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