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                                          1. Academy of Sanskrit Research, creator: Charles, Vinod A. M., subject: Religion and Philosophy, Hinduism, Literature, Linguistics, Old and middle Indo-Aryan languages, free keyword: Indology; Veda, abstract: The academy of Sanskrit Research was set up in Melkote in 1978 with the specific aim of promoting serious scholarship in Indian philosophy, particularly the Vedantic systems, by seeking to blend modern research methods with the traditional approach to these subjects. As an additional aim, the Academy also intends to embark on a systematic programme for making specific areas of Indian philosophy more accessible to the layman and in general promoting a serious awareness of our culture to all those who may be interested in it, but lack guidance in this respect. Thus the Academy intends to link the invaluable knowledge for suggesting ways and means of meeting the social and cultural challenges that are likely to increasingly dominate societies of the future., language: Sanskrit, English
                                          2. Advanced Centre for Technical Development of Punjabi Language, Literature and Culture, alternative title: Punjabi University Patiala, subject: Education and Research, Universities, Scientific institutions, Customs, Literature, Linguistics, free keyword: Punjabi Studies, abstract: The Advanced Centre for Technical Development of Punjabi language, Literature and Culture was established in Feb. 2004 with the aim of conducting research and development in linguistic and computational aspects of Punjabi Language as well as Punjabi culture. Major objectives were to evolve technical solutions for Punjabi, to participate in standardization efforts in Punjabi, to promote and assist in content development for Punjabi and to preserve and promote Punjabi culture. Major activities are besides the development of core technologies for Punjabi, like translation tools for automatic translation from Punjabi to Hindi or a Punjabi Grammar Checker as well the digitisation of Basic Materials for Punjabi language f.e. dictionaries. The website also provides several online Punjabi teaching programmes and likes to be a common platform to a Punjabi cyber community., language: English
                                          3. A Hundred Harvests, alternative title: The History of Asian Studies in Berkeley, subject: Universities, Ethnology, Religion and Philosophy, Literature, Linguistics, free keyword: Asian Studies; South Asian Studies, abstract: A Hundred Harvests: the History of Asian Studies at Berkeley, was an exhibit in the Brown Gallery of Doe Library from June 20, 1997 through February 1, 1998. It lives on here as a virtual exhibit. Through archival holdings and matchless library collections showcased in the exhibit, the story unfolds of the scholars and philanthropists who founded and nurtured the Asian programs that today are consistently rated the best or among the best in the country and that attract scholars and students from all over the world., language: English
                                          4. All India Institute of Speech and Hearing, alternative title: AIISH, subject: Medicine, Linguistics, free keyword: Speech Disorder; Communication Disorder; Logopedics, abstract: The All India Institute of Speech and Hearing is a premier institute offering courses related to communication disorders. Fully funded by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India, it was established in the year 1965. The major objectives of the institute are to impart professional training, render clinical services, conduct research and educate the public on issues related to communication disorders such as hearing impairment, mental retardation, voice, fluency and phonological and language disorders., language: English
                                          5. American Institute for Sri Lankan Studies, alternative title: AISLS, subject: Politics, Ethnology, Literature, Dravidian languages, Geography, Linguistics, History and Archaeology, free keyword: South Asian Studies, abstract: The American Institute for Sri Lankan Studies (AISLS) was established in 1995 to foster excellence in American research and teaching on Sri Lanka, and to promote the exchange of scholars and scholarly information between the United States and Sri Lanka. The Institute serves as the professional association for US-based scholars and other professionals who are interested in Sri Lanka. There are about 80 individual members, who are drawn primarily from social sciences and humanities disciplines, including anthropology, development studies, education, history, geography, linguistics, literature and drama, performance studies and ethnomusicology, political science, psychology, religious studies, sociology, and women's studies., language: English
                                          6. American Institute of Indian Studies (AIIS), creator: Glowski, Janice M., subject: History and Archaeology, Society, Linguistics, Dravidian languages, Modern Indo-European languages, free keyword: Scholar network, abstract: American knowledge of India is shaped by the American Institute of Indian Studies, a consortium of universities and colleges in the United States anf founded in 1961, at which scholars actively engage in teaching and research about India. For more than thirty years, the Institute has provided fellow ship support for senior American scholars and Ph.D. candidates. It has offered on-site training in Indian languages through the superb facilities of its Language Centers. And it has extended knowledge of Indian culture through its two research centers. More than 3,500 scholars have received AIIS support. Their work has spanned fields ranging from anthropology to zoology. The results of their work has resulted in literally hundreds of books and thousands of articles, the basis of America's knowledge about India., language: English
                                          7. American Oriental Society, subject: History and Archaeology, Religion and Philosophy, Literature, Linguistics, free keyword: Oriental Studies; Indology; Islamic Studies, abstract: The American Oriental Society (AOS) is the oldest learned society in the United States devoted to a particular field of scholarship and was founded in 1842. The main concern of the organisation is the encouragement of basic research in the languages and literatures of Asia has always been central in its tradition. This tradition has come to include such subjects as philology, literary criticism, textual criticism, paleography, epigraphy, linguistics, biography, archaeology, and the history of the intellectual and imaginative aspects of Oriental civilizations, especially of philosophy, religion, folklore and art. The AOS publishes the Journal of the American Oriental Society., language: English
                                          8. An interview with Nicholas Allen, creator: Allen, Nicholas J.; Macfarlane, Alan, subject: Ethnology, Linguistics, free keyword: Nicholas Allen; Nepal; Anthropology; Linguistics; Himalaja; Interview, abstract: An interview of the Emeritus Reader in the Social Anthropology of South Asia at the University of Oxford Nicholas Allen on 19th September 2001 by Alan Macfarlane, filmed by Mark Turin. The interview lasts 60 min. and has been digitised to mp4 format. A summary of the interview in Microsoft Word-format is also provided., language: English
                                          9. A Reader in Nineteenth Century Historical Indo-European Linguistics, creator: Lehmann, Winfred P., subject: Linguistics, Modern Indo-European languages, free keyword: Indo-European language, abstract: This monograph created by Winfred P. Lehmann and firstly published in 1967 provides an access to some of the important works of nineteenth century historical Indo-European linguistics. The online version is published by Jonathan Slocum in 2006., language: English
                                          10. A. Richard Diebold Center (ARDC) for Indo-European Language and Culture, creator: Justus, Carol F., subject: Linguistics, Modern Indo-European languages, free keyword: Indo-European, abstract: The A. Richard Diebold Center for Indo-European Language and Culture is part of the Linguistics Research Center at the University of Texas, Austin. Since 1998 first the Diebold Foundation and then its successor, the Salus Mundi Foundation, have supported the development of websites at the University of Texas related to the study of Indo-European Language and Culture. The homepage gives an overview about the current projects., language: English
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