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                                                                                              1. A Dalit Bibliography, creator: Charsley, Simon, subject: Customs, Ethnicities, Ritual and mythology, free keyword: Caste; Woman; Women; Untouchability, abstract: As part of a project funded by the British Economic and Social Research Council - The Scheduled Castes of Karnataka, South India: Entrepreneurship and Social Mobility - a working bibliography was prepared. The project was a collaboration between the Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Applied Social Sciences at the University of Glasgow and ISEC. In the years since, this bibliography has continued to grow, if less systematically than might have been hoped. The bibliography is arranged, in response to the needs of the original project, in three sections literature directly relevant to Karnataka, surrounding states: Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra and Kerala and elsewhere in India. The topics are dalits/untouchability, woman/women and society in general., language: English
                                                                                              2. A Dravidian etymological dictionary, creator: Burrow, Thomas, subject: Linguistics, Dravidian languages, free keyword: Online Dictionary, abstract: This online dictionary, which was published by the Digital South Asia Library (DSAL) in 2002, is based upon the dictionary "A Dravidian etymological dictionary"; created by Thomas Burrow and Murray B. Emeneau in 1984. This presentation of A Dravidian etymological dictionary allows readers to search for all of the information in the indexes to the ink-print edition. Consequently, the indexes and concordance have not been included as separate text. No part of this publication may be stored, transmitted, retransmitted, lent, or reproduced in any form or medium without the permission of Oxford University Press., language: English
                                                                                              3. An Sanesvaras Schrein, alternative title: Lokale Modernität und Politik in den nördlichen Nilgiris (Südindien), creator: Demmer, Ulrich, subject: Ethnology, Social change, Politics, Religion and Philosophy, free keyword: India; Tamil Nadu; Nilgiri Hills; Adivasi; Sanesvara; Social change; Modernity, abstract: The anthropologist Ulrich Demmer deals in his article with the modernizing efforts of the Indian and Tamil states in the northern districts of the Nilgiri Hills in the southern part of India - an as well conflict-ridden as creative dynamic process between modernity, state and native population. To view the full text please click on the linked title "An Sanesvaras Schrein"., E-Journal: Journal-Ethnologie, number: 5
                                                                                              4. Auroville - a universal city in the making, subject: Society, Religion and Philosophy, Miscellany, free keyword: Aurobindo; Mira Alfassa, abstract: This is the official homepage of Auroville, a fully planned village in southern India. Auroville is supposed to be a universal town where men and women of all countries are able to live in peace and progressive harmony above all creeds, all politics and all nationalities. The initial idea to build Auroville goes back to 'the Mother', Mira Alfassa., language: French, English
                                                                                              5., alternative title: International Badaga Association, subject: Ethnology, Ethnicities, Non-governmental organisations, General studies, free keyword: tibes; tribals; scheduled tribes, abstract: The Internation Badaga Association is a non-profit organisation, which aims at giving badagas, groups in and from the Nilgiri area of southern India, scheduled as tribes, a base for contacts and information. is therefore supposed to represent this communiy on the internet as well as to provide contacts and information., language: English
                                                                                              6. Badagas of the Blue Mountains (Nilgiris), alternative title: their origin, culture, customs and language, creator: Jayaprakash, Bellie, subject: Ethnology, Customs, Ethnicities, Religion and Philosophy, General studies, Linguistics, Dravidian languages, Descriptive and analytical linguistics, free keyword: Badaga; scheduled tribe, abstract: The study on Badagas, whose origin is still a source of study for many western researchers, is very fascinating because of their unique customs, culture and language which is also known as Badaga (badagu). Though, much information is available on the net, there is no single or specific website that tells all that is known and unknown about Badgas. This website focusses on this 'tribal' Community mainly living in the hilly regions of the Nilgiris in South India and in parts of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka., language: English
                                                                                              7. BAPASI (Booksellers and Publishers Association of South India), subject: Associations, free keyword: Publisher, abstract: BAPASI is an Association of South Indian Publishers and the founding organization of the Chennai Book Fair., language: English
                                                                                              8. Bharatiar Songs, subject: Arts, General studies, Poetry, Dravidian languages, free keyword: Bharati; Bharatiyar; kavi; kavitai, abstract: This page, as part of gives not only detailed historical and biographical information on the famous indian poet Subrahmaniya Bharati, but contains many of his writings in poems and songs as well., language: Tamil, English
                                                                                              9. GRASSI Museum für Völkerkunde Leipzig, alternative title: Staatliche ethnographische Sammlungen Sachsen, subject: Education and Research, Ethnology, free keyword: Ethnographic museum; Anthropological museum, abstract: The ethnographic museum in Leipzig, the Grassi-Museum für Völkerkunde, houses approximately 200.000 ethnographic objects and a considerable stock of photos and documents in his archives. The collection of material culture from Southasia comprises about 7.000 objects - most of them represent Southindia (among them are artifacts, musical instruments or ritual sculptures from Kerala and Tamil Nadu) and Sri Lanka (the core is a notable collection of masks). Currently, the museum collects textiles from Rajasthan, material culture about ethnic groups from the Chittagong Hill Tracts and increases the collection of Sri Lankan masks., language: German
                                                                                              10. Great Temples, subject: History and Archaeology, Architecture, Hinduism, Bhakti, Miscellany, free keyword: Hindu temple, abstract: This website lists some of South India's most prominent Hindu Temples. Most of them are described in some detail, especially the history of the temples. The mythologies connected to the temples are also presented here., language: English
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