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  1.  South Asia in general (298/1812)
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                                                                                              1. Bastigir Samajik Sansthan, free keyword: Rajasthani, abstract: Bastigiri Samajik Sansthan (BSS) is a Rajasthani organization that was established to nurture communities of scholars addressing issues concerned with Rajasthani language, linguistics, literature, culture, ecology, gender, folklore, tribal, film, indigenous communities, society, and research and development., language: English
                                                                                              2. Beneath The Banyan Tree, alternative title: An Exhibit of Indian Art and Paintings, subject: Painting, Sculpture, free keyword: Performing Arts; Folk Arts, abstract: Beneath the Banyan Tree is the online version of an exhibition by the Lowe Art Gallery, in collaboration with the South Asia Program and the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs. The exhibition focuses on four major forms of performed North Indian folk art that capture the intersection of ritual, performance and art in the living traditions of North India., language: English
                                                                                              3. Centre for Rajasthani Studies, subject: Literature, Linguistics, Modern Indo-European languages, free keyword: Indo-European Language; Dialect, abstract: The Centre for Rajasthani Studies is part of Bastigiri Samajik Santhan (BSS), a non-profit, registered organization with the Rajasthan Government, and provides unique material for Rajasthani language, its dialects, literature or culture., language: English
                                                                                              4. Dadu Dayal and Sahaja, creator: Noyce, John, subject: Music, Literature, Poetry, Modern Indo-European languages, free keyword: Braj Bhasa, abstract: Dadu Dayal was a saint from Rajasthan in northern, who lived in the second half of the sixteenth century (1544-1603). His songs are in a Hindi dialect known as Braj Bhasa, being a mixture of Hindi and Rajasthani. This website, created by John Noyce, provides informations about Dadu Dayal and his lyrics. Additionally, a smal bibliography is also available., language: English
                                                                                              5. Foundation for Sustainable Development (FSD) India, subject: Politics, Non-governmental organisations, free keyword: NGO; Development Work, abstract: The Foundation for Sustainable Development is an international working NGO based in San Francisco. The main working region in India is Rajasthan where it supports a variety of projects in the fields of Microfinance, Environment, Health, Women's Empowerment and Community Development., language: English
                                                                                              6. Friends of the River Narmada, alternative title: The Struggle continues, subject: Ethnology, Customs, Ethnicities, Agriculture and forestry, Politics, Non-governmental organisations, Associations, Law, General studies, free keyword: Narmada Bachao Andolan; Narmada dispute; water dispute; dams, abstract: The construction of large dams on the River Narmada in central India and its impact on millions of people living in the river valley has become one of the most important social issues in contemporary India. Through this website, the 'friends of the Narmada valley and its people' hope to present the perspective of grassroots people's organisations on the issue., language: English
                                                                                              7. Government of Rajasthan, subject: Politics, Government, free keyword: Rajasthan; Government; State Policy, abstract: The homepage of the state government of Rajasthan provides an overview of the composition of the present government, the government policies and the history and culture of the state. The site also contains several documents like the present budget or descriptions of recently passed acts., language: English, Hindi, Rajasthani
                                                                                              8. Gramin Vikas Vigyan Samiti (GRAVIS), subject: Economics, free keyword: NGO; DEvelopment Project, abstract: The Gramin Vikas Vigyan Samiti (GRAVIS) or Center of People's Science for Rural Development is a voluntary organization that takes a Gandhian approach to rural development by working with the poor of the desert to enable them to help themselves. Since its inception in 1983, GRAVIS has worked with over 50,000 desert families across 850 villages in Rajasthan, and has established over 300 Village Development Committees. Through its outstanding field work, as well as its research and publications, GRAVIS has come to occupy a leading position amongst the voluntary organizations in Rajasthan with national and international level recognition., language: English
                                                                                              9. Institute of Development Studies (IDSJ), creator: Rajan, G. G., subject: Society, Politics, Economics, free keyword: Wirtschaftspolitik; Umwelt, abstract: The Institute of Development Studies, Jaipur was established in 1981 on the initiative of a group of academics, scholars and administrators of Rajasthan. The main objectives of the Institute include: (a) to contribute to the understanding of the development processes and problems like resource management or sustainability; (b) to focus studies on the issues and problems of the by-passed sections and regions; (c) to bring a multi-disciplinary and collaborative approach in studying and resolving the issues; and (d) to provide a forum for the interested groups in resolving problems of importance to the State and its people by mutual discussion and understanding. The institut's homepage provides a general overview about the research activities and publications., language: English
                                                                                              10. Kumarappa Institute Of Gram Swaraj (KIGS), subject: Non-governmental organisations, free keyword: NGO; Ruaral Development, abstract: The Kumarappa Institute Of Gram Swaraj is an NGO based in Rajasthan working in the field of rural development. The website provides information on the work of the NGO and the different projects., language: English
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